I'm a former full-time therapist-turned-content-creator-and-educator who believes you've gotta build your marriage

hey, I'm dr. jessica mccleese!

with intention & fun at the helm!

Your brain is involved in literally everything you do, think, and feel. I help my clients & customers maximize their wellness by teaching them how to have the healthiest brain possible. A healthy brain = a healthy relationship AND sex life.

professional brain health coach

I am one of less than 200 Certified Christian Sex Therapists currently in practice. I understand how important a healthy sexual relationship is in marriage and know how to help couples who are struggling in this area.

certified sex therapist

I received my doctorate in 2012 and currently hold a license to practice psychology in the state of Virginia. I understand concerns related to mental health and how these symptoms can impact relationships.

licensed clinical psychologist

My expertise:

In fact, it was through the process of going through personal therapy that God began to show me that He is good, that marriage is good, and that sex is good. And I started to believe Him. All of this has grown into a conviction I now love imparting, which is that God chooses to help us learn more about him through marriage.  And in a healthy marriage, marital intimacy is Christ-reflective, healing, and restorative.

then I went through my own therapy. 

I have an interesting story, because unlike many of my classmates in Grad school, I never really intended on being a therapist. In fact, I actually started out wanting to earn a degree in youth ministry. I had a lot to learn back then. I was angry, bitter, and hurt from some bad relationships I had been in. But, over the course of my time in Bible college, I began to feel a stirring from God that he would use me and my personal experiences to give other couples hope. hope. 

My story really began the moment I decided I didn't want to be just a full-time therapist. 

It also started to become clear to me that, as a result of the changing culture we're in, changing dynamics (like social media), and changing landscapes of relationships, Christian couples were in need of more than just "sex therapy" work. 

In addition, my own desires of how I work with these couples started to shift as well. I wanted to create the solution I knew would bring massive results and fulfill me more simultaneously. 

i've been a therapist now for over a decade, but what I started to notice in my work was a bit more complexity in the issues arising out of my sessions with couples. 

my BOO! my hubby. the guy i love coming home to every day. my love. mr mccleese! 

The Hubs!

Because fighting is no fun. Because culture is changing at such a rapid pace, it's hard to keep up with how it's affecting us individually, not to mention relationally or collectively. And because we all deserve beautiful, healthy, hot, holy, kingdom marriages in a society moving further and further away from it. 

We are divinely crafted, and can't resort to being reduced to, our longings for more intimacy in our marriages. 

i know it's time for something different. 

My robust resource library, my membership community for couples, Better Than The Honeymoon, and my two helpful e-guides, with a podcast on the way and so much more planned to serve couples in the future.  I wanted to create a place for couples to go to gain peace, understanding, education, and clarity on the issues. 

Enter everything you see here today, including my signature program, Becoming One...


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& helping you & your spouse build an amazing relationship. 

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Better Than The Honeymoon, properly named, is a private membership society for Christian couples to share in community & weekly support for their relationships. This is NOT on social media. Consider joining us!

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Becoming One is my heart & expertise all rolled up into one package, and it's BOMB. :-)

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