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Enough with horrible freebies that don't actually deliver value for you & your boo: I have created, recorded, and produced the most relevant and requisite content for Christian couples on the interwebs. From webinars, to videos, to thorough eGuides, these complimentary resources answer BIG questions, improve communication, identify root issues,  foster emotional connection, & will help you fight less. (Can I get an amen?!)


Practical Tips for Keeping Sex In Your Relationship

Purity Culture, Marriage, & Sex: What Went Wrong?

Healing Through Love: Improving Intimacy Through Trauma

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Let's Talk About Talking Dirty

Relationship-Saving Treatment Options for Sexual Pain

Together But Separated: Staying Intimate During Deployment

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3 Ways The Church Gets Sex Wrong (And How To Get It Right)

Enhancing Your Marital Intimacy Through Horizontal & Vertical Novelty

Negative Teaching About Sex: How It Hurts Your Marriage & What To Do

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Learn the top 5 reasons marriages feel more like a burden than a banquet of love and how to re-engage yourselves in  your marriage without having to leave it. 

5 Reasons Your Marriage is Suffering.

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My practical tips for increasing your marital intimacy. Learn the 3 types of love your marriage can have, what to do if or when you get low in any of them, & my signature lovemaking guide to keep things spicy. 

Enhancing the Dance

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Weekly tips, challenges, fun facts, and more to keep your Christian marriage thriving, fulfilled, and hotter than you EVER knew possible. 

Beyond the Vows



A Christian Approach To Working On Your Sex Life

Theology of Sex: What Is & Isn't Okay For The Christian?

Sex Myths Christians Sometimes Believe.

Foreplay Tips for the Christian Couple

What Does The Bible Say About Sex & Marriage?