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I created a company to help Christian couples achieve relational wellness, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health, because I know the best partnerships come from 2 whole individuals coming together. But since that can sometimes require a little bit (or a lot) of work to do on your own, I've got you covered! This is not your run-of-the-mill marriage site. I offer a wealth of support, from a full complimentary resource library of webinars, videos, and guides, to a quality-curated community for you AND your spouse to hang out & learn with other couples, to my premium signature program, Becoming One

Your Sizzling Marriage Starts Right Here. Because We've Gotta Bring Our Whole Selves To Our Marriage!

Most groups that Christian couples have joined, most coaches they've hired, and most therapists they've seen just haven't worked. (I know, because they've told me). So I built something that's better than the honeymoon and can actually help you become one.

How We Roll Here...

As a married woman myself, I have the empathy it takes to care about you, your spouse, & your relationship. I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, one of less than 200 Certified Christian Sex Therapists (in the world), and now also a Professional Brain Health Coach. But mostly, I'm just an advocate for you having (and keeping) the healthy, hot, & holy in your marriage. 

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Learn the top 5 reasons marriages feel more like a burden than a banquet of love and how to re-engage yourselves in  your marriage without having to leave it. 

5 Reasons Your Marriage is Suffering.

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My practical tips for increasing your marital intimacy. Learn the 3 types of love your marriage can have, what to do if or when you get low in any of them, & my signature lovemaking guide to keep things spicy. 

Enhancing the Dance

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It's Like The Library of Congress But For Your Marriage (AndWay More Fun)!

My free content is better than some people's paid stuff (facts), and it will help you start enhancing the dance of your marriage immediately. Choose from free webinars, videos, & guides. Mix it up!

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Becoming One is my heart, soul, & expertise as a sex therapist, rolled into one program & applied to your marital intimacy. This program was created from over a decade of therapy experience working with couples and a desire to see a return to healthy Christian marriage. The program is by application only. 

Becoming One

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"Dr. Jessica's knowledge and experience in the field of marriage and intimacy is unmatched. She is very balanced when dealing with both spouses, and pleasurable to interact with."

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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Weekly tips, challenges, fun facts, and more to keep your Christian marriage thriving, fulfilled, and hotter than you EVER knew possible. 

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From Guides to Webinars & Videos, Let Loving Your Spouse Be On The Rise. 

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