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The word "honeymoon" is actually derived from the Scandinavian practice of drinking mead (fermented honey) during the first month of marriage (measured by one moon cycle), in order to improve the likelihood of conception. 

so here's the thing about "honeymoons"

stay with me...

Not everyone can afford one when they do get married, especially if it's fast. And some couples can afford it but choose to wait to take a trip. Others simply opt to spend their cash on the ceremony & forego a honeymoon altogether. 

Furthermore, not every couple wants to have kids, conceive, or try to have babies - much less, on their honeymoon. And some people can't have kids. 

Finally, not everyone likes mead, and we don't all follow the moon cycles. :-)

First of all, not everyone gets a honeymoon. 

along the way, honeymoons also became about taking trips after weddings...

“Dr. Jessica combines biblical teaching, keen insight, and real-life experiences to help couples attain intimacy in marriage. Through her teaching, her gift of encouragement and an uncanny ability to offer hope, Dr. Jessica has given me the tools and the confidence that I too can have a marriage that will thrive!”

- karla o.

Some reasons you're not getting results elsewhere:

lack of community

There’s a lack of community, in general, when it comes to sexual concerns from a Christian viewpoint. Couples often feel like they're all alone.

you're trading off

You either get proven tips or a Christian approach, but not usually both. This causes you both to feel like you have to choose between exciting sex or Christian values. 

lack of holistic support

There's a need for holistic support you're not getting anywhere else. Help continues to feel incomplete, because the support lacks a wholesome approach - addressing physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual concerns. 

A Private Membership Society for christian Couples to Share in Community & Weekly Support for Their Relationships

better than the honeymoon


I want to start off by saying how much I appreciate the services that Dr. Jessica McCleese has provided through this community group. It has given me a place to be open about my sexual relationship with my wife and allows me to feel comfortable talking about it as well. Most of the people in the group are all going through similar situations which allows me to bounce information off of others, getting different perspectives and learning new things to try. One of the best things about Better Than The Honeymoon (BTTH) is being able to get so much information from the webinars and short videos that Dr. McCleese posts each week. I love the fact that I get to interact with my own personal group all through the week without leaving the comfort of my own home. This group is 100% worth the cost, and I would be willing to pay even more for all it provides. 

"i would be willing to pay more for all it provides."

Kind Review

Dewayne ragland

An Invitation

Weekly Video Training

There will be weekly video trainings based on current needs and hopes of the group. This means that you’re guaranteed to get the content you actually want! Each video will also give you a “take-away” assignment so that you can put some action behind the concepts and start seeing improvement in your marriage right away.

Note: Video trainings are max 10-15 minutes, so you aren't overwhelmed. This is not a course but instead an educational center meant to give you quick concepts you can incorporate in your marriage each week to start growing your relationship!

membership features & content:



Monthly Webinar

Once a month, I'll also provide a 1-hour live webinar with some topic proposed in the community or from your fellow members directly. All the information will be provided each month in the community, and you'll attend right in the group. No need for a ton of separate logins, phone numbers, pins, or email reminders to hunt down. Just log in to the community and attend. It's really THAT easy! You'll have a chance to ask questions in these sessions. 


Daily Community With Other Couples

Couples have far more success in relationship improvement when they don’t have to do it all on their own. We’ll build community with one another as part of this group so that you can “spur one another on” while we all work toward greater marital intimacy. Together. 







results the program is designed to bring:

How does this sound?

better understanding and enhanced connection

increased and improved communication

better decisions regarding intimacy and decision-making overall

fewer disagreements and conflicts resulting in more fun between you!

a newfound passion in your relationship

join NOW

There are no complicated Tiers. Join the group or don't - those are your options. (And we hope you do!) 

That link takes you straight to the community cart where, once you pay, you'll gain immediate access. 

pay $97/mo.

Start interacting with other members who have already joined BTTH! Get to know other members and introduce yourselves!

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How it works

“Dr. Jessica has been on our podcast a couple of times. She continues to provide a wealth of valuable information and makes the topic of sex in marriage comfortable for our spouses to talk about. We make mention of Dr. Jessica often to our clients, viewers, & listeners, encouraging them to seek out her expertise and service roster. We do this because we’re confident they’ll receive the professional assistance needed for their relationship!”

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"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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“Dr. McCleese is not only incredibly professional, but she integrates faith in everything she does. I refer followers to her who are struggling with sexual issues within their marriage. Her practical tips, combined with science and a biblical worldview, helps couples across the country strengthen their marriage so that they may live happily ever after.” 

dr. jennifer murff

A good sex life shouldn’t actually be your complete aim.

Better Than The Honeymoon is one of the best ways for you & your spouse to start learning how to be physically, emotionally, relationally, and sexually healthy in your relationship so you can truly live out the promise that two become one in marriage.

You won’t just engage with me in the group. You’ll also be connecting with other married Christians with some of the exact same goals as you, with one main one being to have a marriage and intimacy that honors God and each other. I hope to see you in the group soon!

here's something counter-cultural I teach & know...

you're invited to my one-of-a-kind membership

This      for you if:

you are part of a heterosexual christian marriage

you don't hold christian values as it relates to marriage

you like the idea of a group setting & growing alongside other couples

the thought of growing alongside other couples doesn't appeal to you or your spouse

you & your spouse are open to a new experience to grow your connection 

It's probably        for you if...

you're looking for therapy or coaching 1:1



What if I get in the group & discover it's just not for me & my spouse?

If you try the group for 30 days and you're not satisfied, I offer a full refund for that first month. Once you've been in the group for over 30 days, no refunds will be given. You can cancel your membership at any time. 

Frequently Asked

Do I get direct access to Dr. J in the community to ask her q's?

The community is strictly built for community engagement only. It is not a place to get free or included coaching for the price. While I do interact in the group regularly, all questions will need to be asked in the group on "The Feed" page. (It's very similar to the Facebook look & feel). However, this is a safe & secure group, which is why we don't use social media. Anyone who violates the safety of the group will be removed immediately. 

How long will it take to get answers to my questions?

I do my best to respond to questions asked via the feed within 48 hours. I love interacting in the group and seeing what is being asked, because it helps me form new classes, courses, webinars, videos, programs, and blog content. I'm here to help and create content that's ACTUALLY helpful, so I love hearing your questions, feedback, constructive criticism, and shares. We're all here to grow together in community!