Have you just realized Instagram squares don't actually build your marital intimacy? 

In a culture retreating from matrimony, you've already defied the odds. You've engaged with nuptials. You've said "I do". But what follows when you believed sex to truly be a gift from God but is now something you're struggling to enjoy? 

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Have you just realized Instagram squares don't actually build your marital intimacy? 

With books, couples read information that is only loosely applicable to them. They don’t get specific tips that they can use for themselves and, oftentimes, the information can’t actually be generalized to their own concerns. Not only that, many of the most popular marriage books are not actually written by people who are trained to help couples move through major concerns.

With traditional counseling services, couples can get help, but they typically find that they could be working on their relationship for years with only a little change. Research actually shows that most couples will experience only slight improvement after 10 sessions. In other words, if you’ve gone to 10 sessions and don’t see much change, you’re actually not likely to. Counseling is basically about walking this road all alone with just your therapist with you.

Getting help at church is difficult because most pastors have very little training in tools and techniques to improve one’s marriage or intimacy.
Not only this, most pastors will refer out after three sessions and many people who seek help at church find that the “lane that the pastor should stay in” is really one of prayer support and soul care.

Couples need the help of an expert, and they need community. Statistically, improvement is far more likely when others are with you hoping to see you improve and sharing their own stories of struggle and improvement. We’re built for community and many couples find that their community supports ends right along with their 3-day conference or retreat. Unfortunately, the loss of community is a real detriment to positive change. 

Why are you NOT getting what you want, no matter what you try?

why your marital intimacy isn't growing, despite everything you're trying





Say Goodbye to 


Disconnection from your spouse can make you feel shame, embarrassment, hopelessness, and grief over what you had before or maybe what you believe won't ever be


You likely consistently feel sadness, anger at God (and yourself), fear that things will never change, and ample amounts of anxiety, all coupled with disappointment.


At this point,  you're just overall regretful you even GOT married, you feel rejection from your spouse, and/or you feel like you're being used and cheapened in the union.


  • Your relationship can start to grow stagnant, where you honestly just start feeling more like really good roommates. 
  • Things between you can escalate and get even worse than they already are and bitterness and resentment can start to grow between you.
  • You can start to feel really alone in your struggles (and thus, isolated). 
  • You may start feeling like you're living a lie - that you are putting on a happy face and positive exterior around other couples, friends, family members, church family, etc. 
  • You might start feeling like you have to hide what's really going on, which causes further disconnection.

A Renewed Heart & Perspective Changes the Dynamic of Your Relationship

what's going to happen to your marriage if you don't change something soon?

They inspire health, reduction in chronic stress, and overall wellbeing.

Having a strong emotional bond & intimate partnership elevates your individual wellness and the health of a rapidly-changing culture. 

I'm here to help make this happen for you & your spouse. 

Consider me your Marital Intimacy Whisperer. I coax the marriage spice out of hiding, so you can finally experience the type of marriage you've secretly dreamed of having. 

Strong, intimate marriages create fortified families and positively affect kingdom & culture

Go from simply believing that sex is a gift from God to actually experiencing the goodness of that gift! 

becoming one


An Invitation

Module 1
Set Your Sexpectations

Yep! You read that right! Go from wanting to work on your sex life to actually having the tools to meet that goal.

Both you & your spouse will complete a questionnaire to really gain an understanding of the actual difficulties you're facing. You'll learn specifics about what steps to take next, what could potentially be standing in the way, and how to overcome those challenges. This is the foundational module in the program, and cannot be skipped. 

the core program curriculum...

Module 2
Develop Your
Sexual Terminology

Start learning how to speak a sexual language that is life-giving instead of one that brings tension or conflict.

You'll learn what words and phrases to use to heighten arousal as well as which ones could be inhibiting a deeper connection with one another. 

Module 3
Physical Sex

Go from believing that something is broken in your body, to celebrating that you know how your body works and how to work it!

Most couples actually know very little about how the body works, both internally and externally. You'll learn about both the male and female anatomy and the types of touches that each other typically like.

This includes information on the clitoris specifically and education about what makes orgasm more likely so that they can both feel physically satisfied after the encounter.

Module 4
Emotional Sex

Start learning how to facilitate an emotional connection and go from feeling like sex is an obligation to actually looking forward to the next time you get to make love with your spouse. 

In addition to the physicality of sex, there’s also a need for a deep emotional connection with one another. You both will learn how to make sex satisfying on a deep emotional level instead of just the physical level, while not denying the physical in the process.

This means that you'll both feel connected, loved, secure, and safe in your sexual relationship. FINALLY. 

Module 5
Spiritual Sex

Stop just having the head knowledge that sex is a gift from God, to actually experiencing satisfying sex that fulfills the “two become one” promise.

Many Christian couples struggle with messages of shame and the feeling that sex is dirty in some way. This can be a barrier even when they “know in their head” that sex is a gift from God. Many couples find it hard to “flip the switch” and go from shutting themselves off from a sexual connection to opening themselves up to erotic thoughts and feelings for one another. 

This module will educate you on how to deal with this.

Module 6
From Snoreplay to Foreplay

No more rushing through foreplay like it’s a necessary evil! Finally enjoy touch as the bridge to sexual enjoyment. 

Sometimes, couples don’t even know what foreplay is or how to figure out what they each like.

In the final module, you'll learn how to touch each other in ways that arouse and excite you both.

You'll learn specific touching techniques, what parts of the body are typically most sensitive to touch, and what to do if you feel anxiety rising during foreplay or like your body doesn’t respond to touch at all.

Open Enrollment for the Program 3 Times Per Year. 3 Opportunities To Grow, Heal, and Magnify Your Relationship in a 12-Month Timeframe. 

Live Group Coaching & Workshops On Topics Like: Getting Rid of Shame, Healthy Mindsets, Desire Differences, & More. 

Private Couples Coaching 1:2
You & Your Spouse Will Have the Opportunity to Get 1 on 2 Coaching With Me

Marital Snapshots
Private Assessments on Your Marital Health & Status

Private Community
You'll Gain Optional Access To An Entire Online Community & Portal With Other Couples Also Completing The Program

Additional Courses
A Roster of 3 Additional Courses To Help You Grow Your Marital Intimacy

Value for Dayyyys

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An additional 8-lesson course specifically designed to teach you how to better communicate about your sexual relationship and improve it in just 60 days. 

60 days to Sexcess

A nuanced 7-module course that provides a no "just-use-lube" approach to relieving sexual pain & identifying treatments & solutions that actually work.

A course designed for couples who have difficulty communicating or achieving conflict resolution. It will help you understand common negative patterns and give tips for improvement. 

Connected Couples

bonus courses

Relieving Sexual Pain

The first thing I want to say to you is....It's almost unbelievable how many Christian couples have been in EXACTLY the same position you are likely in right now, so right out the gate, you need to know that you're NOT alone.

I'm on a mission to let spouses everywhere know...you really CAN have an enjoyable sex life! I've been on this mission since 2009, and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Having also personally experienced feeling broken, uncared for, and just generally unhappy (earlier in my marriage), I can now celebrate the fact that I now look forward to my and my husband's times of intimacy. I deeply want that for you, too. :-) If you commit to this program, it will work in your favor.

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"I appreciate Dr. McCleese as a psychologist and sex therapist and her ability to deal with marriages..." 

"I appreciate Dr. McCleese as a psychologist and sex therapist and her ability to deal with marriages and enhance sexual intimacy. I recommend her as a place to heal and grow your relationship, so you can experience all that you had hoped for when you first said, "I Do."

dr. doug rosenau | former mentor

“Dr. McCleese truly was a change agent in my life."

Without her guiding light and wisdom, patience and professional insight, I may not be here today...both literally and figuratively. She was a key ingredient to the marriage I now get to relish in proudly as well as the woman I fully know and love when I now look in the mirror. She helped me to “know thy self” through the lens of our Heavenly Father. Building me up after walking closely with me during multiple dark seasons of my life. Together we dissected and broke off limiting beliefs, shackles and shame from my past, reestablished my voice within my home through incredible communication strategies that I also use in the workplace daily now too.

Her insight into family dynamics, roles and relationships helped me find a deep level of forgiveness and understanding to many layers of my childhood as well and also helped me thrive as a mother and an entrepreneur. She’s serious about her work, but light hearted, relatable and profound all at the same time. I send everyone I can to her and thank Jesus for her as she pointed me on the path “home”.

tamra andress

"She skillfully explains God's design for intimacy in marriage..."

Sexual brokenness is rampant, even in christian marriages. That's why Dr. Mccleese is consistently voted as a favorite guest speaker for our women's outreach ministry.

She skillfully explains God's design for intimacy in marriage and discerningly answers questions from our audience based on solid biblical teaching informed by scientific research.

She is grounded in God's word and filled with practical insight. Dr. McCleese's ability to educate and help others communicate in regard to such a vulnerable and complex topic is a rare gift and valuable resource for any one looking for hope and healing for their marriage.”

tiffany dalrymple | mops steering team member


“If you want to have a meaningful relationship with your spouse, then I would highly recommend taking Dr. McCleese's programs and applying what you discover. You'll gain practical tips and insights for improving your connection, intimacy, conflict resolution and so much more. Dr. McCleese shares a fresh perspective on topics very much needed today. With so many couples who seem to struggle with connection, it is vital to learn and apply the content shared here.”

- chris hulson

"Every marriage faces issues that need outside help. With so many conflicting and confusing thoughts about marriage, and specifically marital sexuality, there is a need for intelligent, passionate, and thoughtful voices to speak to couples. Dr. Jessica McCleese is one of them.

Her approach not only embraces a healthy philosophy of marriage and sexuality but also equips couples with a practical path to reconnect and grow together. If you are needing your marriage to reconnect, I would highly recommend working with Dr. Jessica."

"This course gave me the courage to finally quit my job, and start my biz"

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Becoming one is by application only

Here's The Process

dr. jessica will review all applications personally & approve or deny your application within 48 hours.

any couple approved for becoming one is sent an invoice to make their payment, along with initial paperwork & intake.

once intake paperwork is complete & payment is made, you will receive access to the introductory videos for the program

dr. jessica will conduct a feedback session w/ you about your paperwork, then grant you final access to the rest of the program materials

complete your application here via our trusty, easy google form. honesty is very important on this form.

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                        includes everything you need to increase your marital sex life & then some.

But the program only works if you do. If you & your spouse commit to this program, along with the community, live group coaching, and take advantage of the private coaching, you will not only get spicier bed sheets, but you'll grow together immensely in the meanwhile. #winning!

Becoming One

complete everything in the course at your own pace

Plan coaching sessions, community interaction, etc. based on your own schedule

grow in community with other couples as frequently or infrequently as you'd like

follow the results-oriented program for optimal results

Try my program for 30 days. If you're completely unsatisfied, we'll refund 50% of your investment.

Here's the thing: This is a premium program, meaning it takes a commitment from you, your spouse and me to work for your marriage at its fullest potential. Because I'm so confident in the results of the program, I do not offer full refunds. However, if you complete all module assignments (in writing) and still aren't satisfied with the program at the end of 30 days, I'll refund 50% of your investment with the submission of your completed homework via email.



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How many times per year can I get into this program?

Becoming One is currently slated to be open for enrollment 3 times per year. We open enrollment, run the program for the next 90 days, then take a month to refocus. That's a 4-month cycle that's done 3 times in 12 months. However, that schedule is subject to change at any time with or without notice, so if the program benefits resonate with you, I'd go ahead and get in now. 

Frequently Asked 

What's the refund policy? 

Here's the thing: This is a premium program, meaning it takes a commitment from you, your spouse and me to work at its fullest potential. Because I'm so confident in the results of the program, I do not offer full refunds. However, if you complete all module assignments and still aren't satisfied with the program at the end of 30 days, I'll refund 50% of your investment. Your module assignments must be done/completed in writing to be eligible for the 50% refund. 

What tools do I need to be able to complete this program?

Everything in Becoming One is conducted online with online tools. Our online community, live workshops, coaching sessions, etc. are all conducted in a private portal for Becoming One program participants. You only need a Wi-Fi connection, laptop or computer, and/or cell phone to benefit from the program. PS - our online community is NOT on Facebook - it's a private portal that requires an account & login to access.


How many couples are admitted into the program at one time?

That's a great q! Currently, I'm only accepting up to 10 couples for this program each time enrollment opens, meaning 20 individuals max. This is the sweet spot for my bandwidth that allows me to perform at my peak as your instructor and coach and still be able to keep up with all bookings & community activity. 

Can you tell me more about the additional courses included?

These are other courses you can go through within the private portal/program, once your application is accepted. They include videos, supplements like worksheets, and more. All courses are taught by me currently. This is subject to change as the program grows!

What's the investment for the program?

Becoming One is an investment of $3,500. However, it is by application only, and you pay only after you've been accepted. I do offer installment plans. I personally review every application that comes through, and you'll hear from me or my team, whether your application is accepted or not. If I deny an application, I will let you know why I don't think the program is a good fit, and I will give you resources & recommendations that might work better for you. 

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