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One common complaint I hear from couples is that they have a sexless marriage or mostly sexless marriage. This can happen for several reasons; chronic illness that makes sex difficult or painful, emotional pains in the relationship, busy schedules, or a lack of attraction for one another. Eventually, most couples that aren’t having sex would eventually like to start having sex. But, even when both feel that way it can be difficult to get started on the journey to intimacy. If you’ve been looking for some Christian advice, here are just few sex tips to make recharging your sex life a little easier.

Sex Tip #1: Start with talking about sex:

Couples often struggle to be honest with one another about their marital intimacy. It can feel incredibly intimidating to tell your spouse, “I’m not happy with our sex life.” This is especially true for couples who don’t talk about other pains in their marriage. Even so, I encourage you to speak both truthfully and gently with your spouse. Remember that anytime you have to have a difficult conversation, start by telling your spouse what’s going well. Don’t open the conversation with, “We really need to have sex more often.” Instead, start by telling your spouse what you appreciate about the relationship already. Then, you can mention that the sexual relationship has been lacking and that you’d like to work to improve it. By the way, many, many couples that I work with actually agree on how often they would like to have sex. The only reason that they are not having sex more often is because little problems stand in the way. You’ll never know if this is the case for you unless you talk about it.

Sex Tip #2: Start working on the problems you can solve:

There can be a lot of reasons why you’re not having sex as frequently as you’d like, but one common reason is that there are too many distractions and not enough time. If this is the case for you, find ways to clear up your schedule. This might mean working less overtime, getting friends to watch your children over night, or simply letting some things fall off of your to-do list (think about the never-ending list of errands and chores most of us have). Sometimes hiring someone to clean your house or take care of the yard can be one of the best decision for your love life.

That being said, don’t be afraid to schedule sex.

Couples often get a little fearful of scheduling sex thinking that it takes away spontaneity or makes sex a “chore.” But here’s the reality – we prioritize and schedule the things that are most important to us. You schedule when you go to work and when you leave work (or at least your boss does), you schedule what time you’ll go to church, and you schedule when you’re going to eat dinner. Now you may not physically write these events in your calendar, but you are well aware of what time (or at least a general idea of the time) each of those things will happen.

Do the same with sex. Set in mind how you’ll make time and prioritize your love making.

Sex Tip #3: Seek help for the more difficult scenarios:

Of course, there are times when just clearing out your schedule isn’t enough to start having sex again. Maybe you’ve been emotionally distant for quite some time or even physically distant and sleeping in separate rooms. There might be past hurts such as addictions or infidelity that have made it difficult to engage in sex, or there might be medical issues that have made sex difficult. If this is the case, seek the help that you need to bring sex back to your marriage. Men, see a urologist or your primary care physician if you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction. Women, if sex is painful, see your gynecologist or a pelvic pain specialist. For past hurts (or current ones) in the relationship, consider seeing a marriage counselor. If there have been affairs in the past or struggles with pornography use, check out the article here or the podcast here to begin working toward healing. I fully believe that you can heal your relationship if you are both willing to move toward relationship health. In fact, I believe so strongly in this that I offer my premium program, Becoming One, to help couples revive the intimacy in their marriage.

However you decide to seek help, my prayer for you is that God will awaken love and desire within your marriage and that He will help you to forgive the hurts from the past.

Believing God for hope and healing in your marriage,

Dr. J.

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